About MOV Long Life and MOV Extra Grease

MOV Long Life and MOV Extra are especially suited to meet the needs of utilities and other users who want to reduce the problems associated with grease lubrication of valve stems and geared operators on both manual and motorized valves.

More specifically, greases used for these applications can be subjected to hardening as a result of oil separation, oil evaporation, additive interaction, radiation and/or oxidation. This can result in wear, higher friction and/or increased downtime to maintain the valves or to reset the torque values.

In addition, the performance of some greases can be seriously degraded by exposure to water and/or to some of the copper alloy materials used in this application.This is where MOV Long Life and MOV Extra prove to be the best lubrication solution in these environments.

Please refer to the Product Document below for more information.

Product Documents: