Food Grade Products

Chemtura has a full line of Food Grade products tailored to your business needs.  Food-grade greases are used in various food-processing equipment and other industrial equipment applications. These include plain and rolling element bearings, joints, linkages and slides, centralized lubrication systems and enclosed gearboxes. Food-grade greases must not only perform the same technical functions as any other lubricant, they have other demanding requirements including:

Resisting degradation from food products, chemicals, water and steam.
Exhibiting a neutral behavior when in contact with elastomers and plastics.
Being physiologically inert, odorless, tasteless, nontoxic and harmless.

For example here are some grease in our portfolio


H1 Synthetic Food Machinery Grease
Freezer Conveyors,
Oven Chains,
Food Processing Equipment


H1 White Mineral Oil Food Machinery Grease
Food Processing Equipment


H1 High Viscosity Synthetic Food Machinery Grease
High Temperatures, Long Life Applications,
Low to Medium Speed Bearings.