Welcome to Canoil Canada Ltd. Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  Canoil Canada is a global grease, lubricants and specialty fluids blender and  packaging business for private brand . We design and manufacture specialty fluids for a variety of industries.  We can handle our customer’s complex problems and have the capacity and capability to do large runs and be nimble enough for small lot size packaging needs. We have flexible minimums, short lead times, and industry leading customer service which make Canoil Canada an obvious choice over competing lubricant and custom packaging manufacturers.

Although best known for more than 35 years as a custom blending and packaging company Canoil Canada has grown and now offers a wide range of products including  a combination of specialty greases and  lubricant oils.

In 2016 Canoil Canada  entered into an agreement distribute  Lanxess/Chemtura’s Calcium Sulphonate private brand greases in Canada.

Canoil Canada is fortunate to have a team of expert specialists distributing and servicing Lanxess/Chemtura’s Reolube Phosphate Ester product line in North America for the Power Generation and Pipeline industry. We service the Nuclear Industry with exclusively approved EQ Long Life Grease Internationally. In keeping with our dedication for caring for the environment Canoil distributes and provides technical support globally for environmentally biodegradable wicket gate grease.

Canoil provides auto aftermarket products such as engine flush, fuel injector cleaner,  chain lubricants, auto under coating.

Canoil Canada has developed proprietary products for the crude oil pipeline industry, including Canox 02. The value of Canoil’s exclusive solutions are proven in projects such as a recent project to service a major middle east pipeline using our specialty  crude oil pipeline cleaner coupled with a special process resulting in  improving pipeline throughput by over 35% and eliminating the need to replace costly distribution.

Canoil offers a wide range of products and services to meet your special business needs.                                                          

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