I have a product I can no longer buy, can you make it for me?

Yes, Canoil’s chemists have years of experience duplicating a products performance, often improving aspects that customers desired. All we need is a sample or specification for the product yu are looking for.

I need a unique product that I can't find, will canoil make it for me?

Yes, Canoil will work with you to meet certain specifications, performance characteristics, appearance and custom packaging.

I would like small package sizes that I can hand out as samples, does Canoil do this?

Yes, Canoil can package in any size that you desire, and we are happy to work with our cusomters on new and unusual packaging and package sizes.

I need to have clear my pipeline of deposits and sludge, will Canoil be able to handle my requirements?

Yes, Canoil chemists will work directly with you to formulate a product specific to your requirements that will dissolve deposits and remove sludge from pipelines, allowing you to increase throughput and avoid costly pipeline replacement.

Does Canoil offer training?

Yes, Canoil offers training on site and by webinar. Contact Canoil directly for on-site training. Please check our events page for upcoming webinar information.

What if my packaging is unique and difficult to work with?

Canoil looks forward to unique challenges for packaging products and works quickly and efficiently with our clients to fill their needs.

Can I top up my power generation lubricant with a Canoil product

In most case the answer is yes, however it is always best to contact one of our knowledgeable experts to fully understand the comparability, and effects of combining products

Are there alternatives to dumping my EHC fluid and starting over?

Yes, Canoil experts can work with you directly to analyze your particular situation, fluid conditions, and system parameters to establish best in class practices that save your system’s fluid and save thousands of dollars.