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STLE Conference Nashvile

May 19 – 23, 2019

  • Thank you to all those who attended the EHC fluids presentation during STLE’s power generation sessions supported by Canoil.
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Power Generation Lubrication Series

Lesson 1: Fundamentals of Lubrication

Lesson 2: Power Station Lubrication Update/Introduction

Lesson 3: Basic EHC Systems & Phosphate Esters

Lesson 4A: EHC Systems; Testing, Analytics, Problem Solving

Lesson 4B: EHC Systems; Testing, Analytics, Problem Solving

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Lesson 2 Fall 2019 REGISTER

Lesson 3 Fall 2019 REGISTER

Lesson 4A Spring 2019  REGISTER

Lesson 4B Spring 2019  REGISTER


Canoil Canada product launches for 2019

  • Canoil Bio&Enviro Bar & Chain Oil
  • Canoil H1 Food & Beverage EP 2 Grease
  • Canoil H1 Synthetic EP 2 Grease
  • Canoil Polyurea Electric Motor Bearing EP 2 Grease
  • Canoil All Season Semi-Synthetic Red EP 1.5 grease
  • Canoil Heavy Duty EP 2 Grease
  • Canoil Low Temperature EP1 Grease
  • Canoil Moly EP1 grease
  • Canoil Multipurpose & Wheel Bearing EP2 grease
  • Canoil Wire Rope & Open Gear EP1 Grease
  • Canoil EMB Plus grease for Nuclear Plant EQ & non EQ motor applications.

White Papers & Technical updates

Check out the newly added white paper comparing Canoil’s VSG grease to H1 food grade greases – just because a grease is food grade doesn’t mean it is safe for the marine environment. White Papers,  VSG versus H1 Food Grade Grease