STLE Conference Nashvile

May 19 – 23, 2019

  • Thank you to all those who attended the EHC fluids presentation during STLE’s power generation sessions supported by Canoil.
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Power Generation Lubrication Series

Lesson 1: Fundamentals of Lubrication

Lesson 2: Power Station Lubrication Update/Introduction

Lesson 3: Basic EHC Systems & Phosphate Esters

Lesson 4A: EHC Systems; Testing, Analytics, Problem Solving

Lesson 4B: EHC Systems; Testing, Analytics, Problem Solving

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Lesson 2 Fall 2019 REGISTER

Lesson 3 Fall 2019 REGISTER

Lesson 4A Spring 2019  REGISTER

Lesson 4B Spring 2019  REGISTER


Canoil Canada product launches for 2019

  • Canoil H1 Food & Beverage EP 2 Grease
  • Canoil H1 Synthetic EP 2 Grease
  • Canoil Polyurea Electric Motor Bearing EP 2 Grease
  • Canoil All Season Semi-Synthetic Red EP 1.5 grease
  • Canoil Heavy Duty EP 2 Grease
  • Canoil Low Temperature EP1 Grease
  • Canoil Moly EP1 grease
  • Canoil Multipurpose & Wheel Bearing EP2 grease
  • Canoil Wire Rope & Open Gear EP1 Grease
  • Canoil EMB Plus grease for Nuclear Plant EQ & non EQ motor applications.

White Papers & Technical updates

Check out the newly added white paper comparing Canoil’s VSG grease to H1 food grade greases – just because a grease is food grade doesn’t mean it is safe for the marine environment. White Papers,  VSG versus H1 Food Grade Grease


Canoil Canada is excited to announce the addition of Glen Zimmerman, Senior Sales Representative Canada and USA for greases and fluids. Glen joins Canoil with a solid reputation of customer service and product support. Find Glen’s contact information on on our Contact Us page