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Canoil Canada’s first Power Generation Webinar.

“Introduction to EHC Fluid Maintenance” 
presented by Ken Brown.

Fire-resistant phosphate ester fluids used in electro-hydraulic control (EHC) systems face unique challenges, many of which are preventable. A lot has been learned in the 70+ years that these fluids have been used. This webinar will cover the history of phosphate ester fluids, areas of application and best practices in testing and maintenance.

Ken is a P.Eng. with a BASc and MASc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. His Master’s thesis was on the wear of CANDU reactor tube materials. In 1976, he joined Ontario Hydro working on bearings, lubes, seals and EHC fluids for new and existing fossil and nuclear power stations on standards, design specifications, tender reviews and trouble shooting. Ken left Ontario Hydro in 1993 and now provides support to Canoil and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) as well as to individual power stations.


For EPRI, Ken has contributed to several Lube Notes and was the main contractor for their EHC fluid maintenance and the EHC fluid compatibility guides. He continues to provide day to day technical support as well as being an invited speaker at EPRI Steam Turbine Generator User Group (TGUG) and Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) workshops.

Moderator: Sologo Lewis, CLS


To register for this free webinar click the following link:

Introduction to EHC Fluid Maintenance


We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy through these unusual times. Live event and attendance planning for 2020 is on hold as we await direction from governments and event organizers. Canoil looks forward to meeting our customers and suppliers remotely using video conferencing platforms. We thank those who have connected with us through this medium. It is always good to stay connected.

White Papers & Technical updates

Check out the newly added white paper comparing Canoil’s VSG grease to H1 food grade grease – just because a grease is food grade doesn’t mean it is safe for the marine environment…….

White Papers,  VSG versus H1 Food Grade Grease


  • CANOIL 15W40 CK-4 HDEO
  • CANOIL AW 46
  • CANOIL AW 32
  • CANOIL 10W30 CK-4 HDEO
  • CANOIL HD Synthetic Multi Trans Fluid 75W80
  • CANOIL 0W20 PCMO Synthetic Engine Oil 
  •  CANOIL 5W20 PCMO Synthetic Engine Oil
  • CANOIL 5W30 PCMO Synthetic Engine Oil
  •  CANOIL Low Visc Synthetic MultiVehicle ATF
  • CANOIL MultiVehicle Synthetic ATF
  • CANOIL MultiVehicle Synthetic CVTF
  • CANOIL HD Synthetic Blend ATF
  • CANOIL Turbine and R&O Oil GRADE 46, 32
  •  CANOIL 80W90 High Performance GEAR LUBE
  • CANOIL Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

Canoil Canada product launches for 2019

  • Canoil Bio&Enviro Bar & Chain Oil
  • Canoil H1 Food & Beverage EP 2 Grease
  • Canoil H1 Synthetic EP 2 Grease
  • Canoil Polyurea Electric Motor Bearing EP 2 Grease
  • Canoil All Season Semi-Synthetic Red EP 1.5 grease
  • Canoil Heavy Duty EP 2 Grease
  • Canoil Low Temperature EP1 Grease
  • Canoil Moly EP1 grease
  • Canoil Multipurpose & Wheel Bearing EP2 grease
  • Canoil Wire Rope & Open Gear EP1 Grease
  • Canoil EMB Plus grease for Nuclear Plant EQ & non EQ motor applications