Canoil Calcium Sulphonate Greases are premium  quality, high performance grease formulated for a wide range of applications. Available in various grades, as well as food grade.


Canoil Food Grade grease is ideal for the lubrication of equipment used across the food industry. It can be used for lubrication of cookers and other equipment used in meat/poultry processing, fruit/vegetable processing, and bakeries where higher operating temperatures are a concern. 


Canoil Electric Motor Bearing (EMB) Grease is specially formulated for all grease type electric motors, pumps, fan motors, and other ball and roller bearing applications. Canoil EMB Grease is recommended for high-speed, grease type bearings as well as normal speeds.


Canoil VSG Vane Spindle Grease is a premium quality, high performance lubricant formulated from a vegetable sourced  synthetic base stock that meets biodegradable standards for power stations.


Canoil Lithium greases are available in regular performance multi application and premium performance grades.


Canoil is pleased to able to offer a line of premium performance grease for motor operated valves (MOV).
These are MOV Long Life™ and MOV Extra™. Motor operated valve greases must meet a number of criteria to satisfactorily meet user and manufacturer requirements. They must lubricate gears, bearings and stem threads as well as offering a good service life, reduce wear and provide low and consistent coefficients of friction and/or torque. They must also not be harmful to the copper alloys used in worm
gears nor to elastomers used as bearing cages or seals. Similarly, if there is leakage they should not adversely affect motor windings nor be unduly hazardous to plant personal or the environment.


Canoil Polyurea Grease is a premium quality multipurpose, high temperature, extreme pressure polyurea grease specifically formulated to perform under severe lubrication requirements of plain and rolling-element bearings in long service applications such as electric motor bearing, sealed for life bearing, high temperature pump bearing and automotive constant velocity joint applications.