Canoil AW Hydraulic Fluid is an anti wear hydraulic oil designed for high performance, high pressure hydraulic systems in mobile and stationary equipment. This fluid provides excellent operating life attributed to the outstanding oxidation resistance of its carefully selected ultra pure base oil.

            Canoil AW Hydraulic Fluid is manufactured with an ashless additive system that combines antiwear and friction modifying agents, as well as metal passivators, demulsifiers, rust inhibitors, and defoaming agents ensuring maximum hydraulic performance and provides trouble free service in high output hydraulic systems operating at high temperature and pressure.

Available in ISO Grades 32, 46, 68, 100.  Also available in a food grade version.           


  • Cincinnati Lamb P55
  • DIN 51524-1
  • DIN 51515-2
  • Dennison HF-0, HF-1 HF-2
  • US Steel 127, 136
  • AFNOR NF E 48-603


  • Excellent oxidative stability.
  • Excellent antiwear characteristics.
  • Corrosion inhibitors help prevent formation of oxides and deposits.
  • Low foaming tendency.
  • Formulated with ultra pure base oils to enhance thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Low Toxicity.
  • Meets major pump manufactures requirements.


  • Canoil AW 32 and AW 46 Hydraulic Fluid protects equipment to extend service life.
  • Prevention of oxides and deposits protects metal surfaces and seals.
  • Long service life extends drain intervals.
  • Efficient pump operation, excellent water tolerance.


            Canoil Hydraulic Fluid is a mid-viscosity formulation designed to provide superior performance. It is recommended for use in any stationary or mobile application.